What's your favorite fall outfit to wear?

Dressy, casual, or lounging about. We all have a favorite article of clothing we can't wait to break out of our closet once the chilly weather rolls in.


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  • I absolutley LOVE fall! It is the perfect season, in my opinion :)

    Every fall, I look forward to wearing cute boots, cozy flannel shirts, dark denim, rich jewel tones, coats with faux fur lining, and color coordinating hats. I have very fair skin and dark auburn hair, so I think fall colors complement me best.

    • Girl, I hear you! Fall is all about the earth tones and those compliment me the best. Im not much of a hat person except for winter hats. But love flannel! Im trying to find a really good deal on flannel shirts right now, but everywhere they are so expensive!

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    • You're welcome :)

      Lots of great colors too! I got a green/black/purple one, a red an black one (classic!), and a pink and brown one! I bought a size bigger so that I could wear them with leggings and boots, and they look adorable!

    • OH! awesome! of course you have to go with the classic red and black! . Thanks again! :)

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  • I'm not even sure I'm gonna wanna go outside when I finally get w/ my girl... HOT HOT HOT


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  • Winter is due soon :/


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