Disregarding money, describe your dream house that you'd like to build or buy. Don't get too detailed though because someone may steal your ideas?

• I want a custom built single story home.
• Its exterior is a mix of traditional, europeans and ranch.
• The interior will be more modern-contemporary.
• Split level mixed with open floor plan
• Exterior will be brick/stone
• Interior will be a black/white color scheme.
• I want a wide hallway which will become a gallery. You can walk down it and view the artwork and photos.
• I want a single wall kitchen but an island/bar in the center.
• No need for two ovens when I barely cook.
• I want a stove range built into the countertop.
• Lots of big tinted bay windows or floor to ceiling windows. Yet not to many because they cost like $800 each.
• 3 bed, 3 bath.
• Modern freestanding fireplace
• 2 separate seating areas in living room. (When you add the kitchen bar to the dining room, fireplace lounge, and sectional seating area, I can seat about 30 people when they come over for Superbowl games.
• No big front or backyard
• Front and maybe back porch with built in grill.
• Attached 2 car garage, but when i remove the doors, it'll basically become a carport.
• French doors for the front entrance.
• 2500 sf rectangular home (cheaper)
• Deck and inground pool later on
• Large master bath
• Long Narrow Bedrooms
• Washroom
• Hip Roof
How about you?


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  • Dream home would be a self sustainable earth ship or underground home in the middle of nowhere. Stream or pond nearby. Modern conveniences like appliances.

    And a laboratory in a clean room environment to conduct my science

    • Wow sounds good :)

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    • Haha yeah, you are definitely keeping it within reason it sounds like. Not overboard by any means. Better than some wanting 15 rooms and 7 cars for sure lol

    • Oh awesome thank you for most helpful :D

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What Guys Said 2

  • Pretty much want it to look like IKEA took a shit at the corner of I'm loaded St. and Fancy as F**k ave.
    I want it to be very modern in design. Low to the ground furniture. High ceilings. Very open and roomy. Painted in earth tones. Dark hardwood floors.

    Couldn't describe the bathroom, but here's a pic...

    Bedroom, complete with a smaller bed off to the side in case I piss off the wife lol! Open, because if I'm rich enough for a home like this there will be no neighbors for miles in the direction that room is facing...

    • You sound similar to my modern contemporary home minus the richness

  • you better start working hard for that.

    • Yea i know. I want this built before 30. I'll be 20 soon

What Girls Said 2

  • It's going to be so awesome i will have thousands and I mean thousands of hidden rooms. It's going to be a big house that I plan to get lost in. And I want the floor to be glass and I want it to be an aquarium with a shark. It will be epic.

    • Lol i hope you can afford it. And yea I want at least one hidden room in my home. I'll call it the "safe room" or "panic room" in case someone ever tries to attack my family or something

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    • Lol houzz. com is why I started wanting to build a home in the first place

    • Hahahahaha omg me too I kinda got addicted to searching it I'm like I want this I want this and this and so on. Same with Pinterest iv pinned so much stuff for a house hahaha

  • I want a three story house with a beautiful garden and a big pool for my kids to enjoy, the first floor is consist of the living room and kitchen, second floor will be the bedrooms then the third floor will be the home theater section like a mini cinema inside the house, then a mini arcade theme room wherein we can enjoy computer games since I'm a bit techy. I also want our house to be fully automated https://millenniumsounds.com


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