Ideas for Halloween Costume?

I've seen some questions about girl's costumes, but haven't seen anyone for men. So what costume do you guys think I should buy?

I'm going to a Halloween party/rave and I need a costume. I don't want to spend much money, around 20-30 bucks if possible.
I also don't want to have any masks, as it'll be very uncomfortable to rave with a mask on.

Sorry if this question has been asked, but I don't have much time, and I'm out of ideas.


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  • How about "Huggy Bear" from Starsky and Hutch the movie? Look at that fur coat that Snoop Lion wore on Google. In other words a pimp! That will get everyone's attention.

    • That one looks good, and as you said it'll grab attention. A friend told me to go to a Thrift Shop, which is not a bad idea.

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    • Thanks man!

    • Your welcome!

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