Any girls here know anything about corseting?

I have some questions that Google hasn't been able to answer.

Firstly, I have a 26 inch waist. My hips (referring to the actually pelvis, not my bum) is 32 inches.
I would like to shrink my waist to 24 inches. I feel as that if my waist was shrunk to 23 or less it would stand out too much against my hips since they are quite wide.
So, my questions are:
1. Will a corset shrink my hips a bit as well?
2. How many months or even years must I wear the corset to permanently reduce my waist by 2"? Or at least enough that the results last years or so, or until I gain significant weight? As in... assuming I stay the same weight, how long will the results last, if I corset for say, several months to a year?
3. How long do results take usually? I'm slim and don't have much fat on my waist. I think that only 2" worth is fat, the rest is probably muscle and bone. Considering this, how long would it take to get results?
4. I do not wish to lose weight... is it difficult to eat while wearing the corset? Is it best to eat when the corset is off?
5. Lastly, where do you recommend I buy a corset?


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  • Do people still consider wearing them?
    Looks awful to me anyway !!


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  • just don't do it. There's a reason why this died with the early 1900s-50s. It cruses your skeletal structure and move your organs to places where they shouldn't be. You can develop digestive and spinal problems. If you planned on having children and breast feeding it hinders that as well. Just go to the gym.

    • I didn't know it affected childbirth and breast feeding.
      I'm skinny, I just wish my waist was a bit smaller. I feel like 26" is a bit on the big side.
      And you can't spot reduce, so yeah

    • yup that's one of the reasons birthrate was low from medieval times to the 1900s. Gym, health cleanse, or lypo, maybe you could put a trash bag over your waist seeing it won't be as tight as a corset. you'll just sweat whatever it is youd like to get rid of.

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  • There is a reason this isn't done anyone and was stopped in the 20th century.


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