If a girl was wearing a bikini 7 months after giving birth but her belly and hips were covered in stretch?

In stretch marks but body was nice enough in shape to wear the bikini, would you think she was gross? Or confident?

Only have a bikini no swimsuit 1 pieces are in stores anymore.

And going to hurricane harbor


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  • It would not be adolescent perfection but certainly not gross, it would be normal: young mothers have some stretch marks. You can feel confident. Just smile and everyone will see your smile and forget the stretch marks.


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  • Be confident in who you are and what you look like.

    Not a lot of people believe this but if you are confident and happy with yourself you are more attractive to people then if your worried about it.

    • Yeah I mean, I'm not going to try to scam on guys I'm married, but just wanting the

      Persective of man and women to see if it would be that big of a deal. I uesd to have a really

      Hot body and sometimes its hard to cope with the stretch marks because only me and him have

      Seen them and to have his friends and starngers see them and stuff, I would rather not go

      If it would gross them all out.. but I want to go should I just f*@$ what they think?

    • I say go and don't give a sh*t!

      I used to be a professional fitness competitor, I hurt my back and had to stop working out for almost a year now, I'm not as thin or "hot" as I used to be but I've learned to be comfortable in the skin I'm currently in and its better for my psyche then worrying about it like I did for the first little while of gaining the weight.

      Look at it this way, from the sounds of it you've got a hubby that loves you and a new baby..if you can put on a bikini...do it :)

    • It would gross out only the most stupid people. No big deal LOL

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