Is this a justified reason for surgery?

I have droopy eyelids. They hang low. I went to the doctors and they said that the muscle that lifts the lids isn't developed. My lids don't cover the iris so it doesn't affect my vision that much. There is a surgery I can do though. Do you think this is a good reason for surgery or would it be viewed as vain and doing it for the wrong reasons? The procedure for the surgery would be to take muscle fibres from my thigh to replace the missing ones in my lids. IS cosmetic surgery the same as corrective cosmetic surgery?
I myself don't support cosmetic surgery for no reason. Am I being a hypocrite if I did this surgery. I am always told I look high or tired. When I go to the eye doctor he has to hold my lids open when I do eye exams using that eye machine doctors eye


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  • Do you want to get your eyelids fixed?
    Does your want to get your eyelids fixed overpower what other people think of you?

    If yes get them done, if you care about what other people think more than what YOU want for yourself then don't get them done.

    Other people are always going to have shit to talk about what you did to your body whether it's piercings, tattoos, eyelid surgery, wearing a padded bra, even whitening your teeth with hydrogen peroxide from Walmart (seriously, I've told people I whiten my teeth with $1 hydrogen peroxide and they've told me it was "vain" and "unhealthy" and "gonna kill you").

    If what other people think of you matter more to you than what you want to do for yourself go ahead and live your life for other people, but just know there's always going to be that group of people that talk about your droopy eyelids as well. So you lose either way.

    Seriously, don't do anything for other people they aren't important. Live your life for yourself

    • Then yes, you are being a hypocrite. That would be classified under cosmetic surgery and under your method of thinking no it would not be a "justified reason for surgery" unless it was impairing your eyesight.

      But you could always get the surgery anyway like I said there are ALWAYS going to be people who don't approve of what you do. It's your choice on whether or not you're going to let them get to you or not and whether or not you're going to be one of them or not

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  • Ewe gross. Get that fixed. lol.. Just kidding. If it doesn't hurt or make you feel bad leave it alone.


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  • Eye surgery is the best treatment that makes your eyes beautiful and it is also anti aging treatment. You can get this treatment if...
    You have fine lines and excess skin around the eyes.
    You have extra fat deposits on the upper eyelid.
    you want to remove the eye bags.
    You have drooping lower eyelids...

  • if it doesn't really affect your vision or daily life, it is rather cosmetic than corrective.


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