What do you think about the "London Look"commercial?

Everyone had to see it. Mick Jagger's model daughter has a huge gap and is advertising lipstick. What do you think?

My whole class was making fun of this because some parts of the fashion industry gaps are pretty. Some people are going to dentists to get them.


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  • Lol, why make fun of a face that you'll never forget again? It was genius to use her, not only is she beautiful but that gap has spread that makeup brand so far even the guys are spitting it up. She has character and that is what is really important in the fashion industry.


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  • I think it's great many people have gaps and are self conscious about it. This might help some people embrace it. I use to have one when I was little before i got my second set of teeth. I don't agree with people going to the dentist to get a gap though just because it's a trend.


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