Appearance, what do you think?

Well, I must say that even though I dislike the "rate me" questions, I am still going to ask what your thoughts are on my appearance. I suppose I got into asking this question, due to all the similiar questions, and wondered what people would think when they see me.

I am not asking for rates, but I wouldn't mind if you'd want to rate either.
What type of clothing would you think would fit me? I'd like some suggestions for new clothing since I probably would need some tips on fashion. You can add some pictures from different types of clothing aswell, which would help a bit more.

In case it helps, I have a Mesomorph type of body.
And be honest on the thoughts part, thanks in advance.


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  • I think your attractive. It looks like you have nice clear eyes :) . And I'd say just a simple graphic tee and jeans. But tailored.


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