New Hair cut & mixed responses?

I recently guy a new hairstyle and switched out my long locks for a fun bob. I was surprised with the different responses.. very mixed, the women all have me kind and sweet compliments, but the men were mixed, some have finished, but a lot were taken a back and even showed sad/disapprove expressions. Not what I was expecting whatsoever! Why is it that I got such strange reactions?


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  • Most men prefer long hair over short hair, from what I know. Pretty much anybody here tell you that its your hair and you can do whatever you want with it, and thats completely true, but also remember that you did it for a good cause, and in my opinion, no amount of opinionated bitter responses will counteract that.


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  • Post a pic here if you want feedback

  • Long hair is cute but bobs are cute too, they make a woman's face look thinner


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