What do you girls look for in a guy?

what kind of things do you look for in a guy? and what kinds of things turn you off?


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  • I look for, honesty, being able to be upfront about his intentions (courageous), good integrity, acts respectful to me and others (and it isn't a show, it is how he was raised and that he knows how to be nice), he looks out for me and knows what I like, he pays attention to things about me and responds to those things, and he makes me laugh :)

    Those are the top things I look for and enjoy (and turn me on). If we are talking purely sexual here then I look for my type of a hot bod ( I like either tall skinny guys, or athletic types of any height) and a guy who can have good stimulating conversations (turns me on a lot!)! Of course a nice smile too.

    What are turn offs: In no particular order... guys who swear too much (or are vulgar, like say cun* or call other guys puss*), even though I swear sometimes, but not like that, also, no smoking or drugs (yuck), I hate to admit it, but it is a turn off to me when a guy drives a complete pile of junk. If you can't afford much of a car, at least go with something like an older volvo or subaru (with some ski racks), etc. My last boyfriend drove a horrible car, I rarely rode in it. I drove most of the time.

    More turn offs: when a guy invites me out, then asks me to pay half (loser). Yellow teeth... yuk. Oh.. guys who wear too much cologne... or even just wearing the wrong kind (I prefer no cologne... I would rather smell his body than some crappy scent). OK, well, I will stop there, because I could probably find a lot of these little, but gross things.

    The obvious are... abusers, cheaters, liars, etc.

    • I have a job and I'm in college and I ask them to pay half sometimes, be fair just because your a girl doesn't mean I'm paying for you all the time. don't be selfish...

    • This is reality. If you can't afford it, find something you can afford for both of you. Eventually, she (or I) will chip in and it will pay off. If you just want to be friends, I will always pay my way and sometimes splurge on you (as I would any other friend). If we ended up going out more often (not as friends, but more), I always pay for things (off and on) and give back in many other ways (not just sexually). A girl likes it when guy takes her out. This is not selfish. It tells us you care.

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  • Heart first and foremost. It sounds cliche, but a person can have everything else and if they lack this, nothing matters. For the record, women also know when a man truly has it and when he is faking it, so people shouldn't try to present themselves as something they aren't, it's not genuine and we'll see right through it. Thus, turn ons would be heart, intelligence, personality, etc. Turn offs include men who don't take care of themselves as it's a sign they don't respect themselves. Self-deprecating humor, low self-esteems, uncertainty, and emotional unavailability also make the list.

  • Easy to talk to, I don't like when I'm siting there and its like pulling teeth to get you to talk, out going, funny but knows when to be sweet and romanitc. Can be random, make jokes, Listens to me. Turn offs, being a jerk and rude to others and hitting me for no reason.

  • I look for a sense of humor, (because if you laugh you can get through problems easier) someone who matchs my personality, someone who is looking for a commited relationship, honesty, and maturity.

    What turns me off is a guy who is overly cocky, can't keep it in his pants, ignores you and doesn't call at all, only wants to see you on his time, gets upset about everything and can't admit when he is wrong. Ugh someone who smells bad (like a smoker) is a big turn off for me to but, I will accept it if he's a good guy otherwise.

    • WHat is it you mean by a guy being overly cocky?

    • There's a fine line between confident and cocky. Someone who is confident dosen't put himself down all the time and will say he's good at something but not the best. Someone who is cocky will always bring up something that they did and say how great it was or say their the best at something when it hasen't been proven. They will also be more involved in themselves then in the person thier with. They don't understand balance.

  • Funny. Or never too quiet. you always have to have a conversation, or its a bad move. But you have to have to be nice, some girls like emotional . because they don't like when guys act all tough. (:

    but I perfer fun guys who always have fun its like your just friends.

  • Turn-ons:


    Knows about technological stuff






    Taller than me

    Likes me the way I am/doesn't expect or ask me to change anything



    Decent appearance-wise (basically looks presentable)


    Substance abuse



    A jerk to my friends, family, or myself

    Doesn't like animals/kids (I love babysitting/working as a counselor and pets)

    Doesn't like to hang out with me



  • i like guys who aren't afraid to try new thing, and who are brave and chivalrous. I hate guys who just let the doors slam in your face. nice eyes are a must. not lazy, but loves the outdoors, athletic body. vegetarian would be icing on the cake, but not necessary...

  • a lot of guys think that girls want the bad boys ,

    however I find this not true.

    some girls DO want sometimes what they can't have but,

    thats just some of them.

    personally, what I look for in a guy is personality.

    turn ons- when guys smell good, nice smile, when they CARE about you.

    one thing girls want is to be cared for, to know that someone out there feels the need for them you know?

    what turns us off?

    -when they smell bad, cockyness(a little is okay, but not overly cocky), jealousy, being rude.

  • Girls (at least the ones I know) like guys that are adventurous and can make them laugh. They don't like guys that try to hard to impress them. Being yourself and being sweet is key, and trying too hard can make you seem desperate or less attractive.

  • Cigarette smell turns me off... he may be drop dead handsome but if he smokes I won't even look at him. lol. Seriously. Well I won't tell you everything because once a guy knows all that it makes it easy for him to appear what he is not. Just be yourself.

    But all in all, honesty, trust, caring, and sincerity, as well as showing genuine interest in a woman, is a basic turn on for most women. lol.

  • I look for a confident, funny, mature, laid back, down to earth, sweet, caring, hard-working, christian, outdoorsy guy!

    TUrn Offs: Smoking, Drinks all the time, Arrogance, Ignorance and someone who doesn't have goals or a future!

  • Turn-ons:

    - good manners

    - humour

    - brains

    - nice hair ;)

    - interesting hobby/study subject/job

    - stands up for what he believes in

    - reliable


    - smoker /heavy drinker

    - stupid (like, really no smarts or knowledge at all, uses bad language)

    - unreliable

    - bad manners

    - no humour

    - not groomed

    - nothing he feels strongly about

  • For me, smoking is nĂºmero uno turn off.

    So is douchebaggyness and a beer belly. And smell and how he treats me matters too.

    Turn ons has to be looks and perosnality. He has to have nice hair and be smart. But he has to have a little wild side and a good sense of humour ^.^ he doesn't have to be built like a wrestler but he has to be big enough or tall enough for me to feel protected ^.^

  • I love muscles but not butch, I love the razor cut in the eyebrows but not to much, I like shaved chest underarms and facial hair, not conceded tall has to be at least 5'7" and the jealous type is so f***ing hott like there is no end to how much jealousy a guy can havee blue percing eyes and def. not the klingy type... o and not to touchy- touchy feely feely.

    • As I said looks she said she likes muscles. This is pretty much all looks and no personality in this type of guy.

    • "the jealous type is so f***ing hott like there is no end to how much jealousy a guy can havee blue percing eyes and def. not the klingy type..." - Jealousy and clingy come hand in hand... sorry.

  • I'd like a guy who is pretty honest, and hardworking. He's nice to everyone, and he's unique in his own way... hilarious too! Pretty much it. XD

  • Turn ons: Smart, confident, smiles a lot, ambitious, dark humor, talented.

    Turn offs: Prone to depression, whiny, dumb, shallow, spoiled, no plans for life...

    • So what if a guy actually had depression you would not like him. That is pretty bad that is a medical condition that can't always be helped.

    • Hmm not what I meant... I have been battling depression my whole life, as have many people that I love dearly, and I do not think that I could emotionally handle watching someone go through that again. Some girls like the whole damaged man thing. It is just not for me. =)

    • What do you mean by dark humor?

  • This is the list of what I look for in a guy:

    - Stability: can he commit and not acting hot and cold?




    -Caring: to my friends and family as well

    -Respect me in any matter


    -Well groomed: not smelly, clean, takes time to shower etc before meeting me for dates

    Turn offs:

    -Overly jealous


    -Abusive: both verbal and physical

    -Gross guy: pick his nose while eating for example. Hardly take showers, look sloppy (the way he dress).

    I am not picky about the looks, I just need a decent looking guy.


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  • Here's a few of my speculations.

    The number one thing a girl want is a guy that makes her feel safe comfortable in all situations.

    An average looking guy will not have any problem attracting a woman if he's: Confident, open minded, respectful, in control of himself and his life, witty, properly groomed and dressed. Things like money and flashy cars is just a bonus. Many guys can't feel confident without the cash and cars though. If you feel and behave like a million dollars it doesn't matter what you have or haven't.

    "Be yourself" means that you should be your BEST self and not try to change into something you're not just because you think that's what the girl wants. Be true to yourself and the rest will follow...

  • A list of the top there things girls want in guys.

    1. Looks

    2. Looks

    3. Looks

    That is all girls want in guys they don't even care about anything else, trust me I am a guy and I see girls passing great guys by all the time to go for a good looking jerk. All girls want are looks and that is the final answer.

    • Bitter much.....?

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    • What I assume he's saying is that it's hard to attract a woman if you're only average looking. Most guys assume women are as visual as they are. Not being a full on mr universe condemns you to a life of bitter loneliness. If we see a pretty girl with what we'd consider and "ugly" guy the assumption is he had something to make up for it like lots of money. The Complexity of the female mind makes it hard to understand what YOU like. Guys may be different but their wants are mostly easy to define.

    • I don't know what to type. I mean I could say a lot here. From my experience, you can't have everything. If you aren't super hot, you probably won't be with someone who is. But, I am attractive and I go out with average looking guys because other things attract me to them, for instance I was once in love with an intellectual (he was mediocre looking but very intelligent and I was so in love with him because of it & good sex-3yrs). Also, I like guys who are funny, or charismatic - fun to be with.

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