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Ok during the summer vacation I was thrown at college events with this guy. We don't know each other well. I'd see him looking at me, especially when he's further away, or when he leaves a vicinity I'm at. Up close though, he avoids my eye contact. And this once when I was eating alone, he quietly sat behind me. when I was asked to carry chairs he leaped up, walked me to the room and helped me with the stuff. we had the most god-awful conversation, I asked him some stuff but he was pretty quiet.

I added him to Facebook, school term started this week and we had a club recruitment drive yesterday and I was approaching people I knew first so I went up to him when I saw him. he was doing recruitment with this girl who looked really unfriendly but he stopped to listen to me.

He was listening and holding eye contact all the while. Once he suddenly smiled at me=/ and seemed to be standing pretty near cause his arm brushed past mine once and I kept having to move backwards. When it ended I just thanked him and walked away, he looked at me and then and then walked off. The first time I walked up to him to talk a few weeks ago, he did this whole eye contact thing too.

anyway, I have no idea what is gg on bet us. Can someone advice me objectively? And am I thinking too much?


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  • its simple he's attracted to you but doesn't know how to act how to flirt or what to do. if you like him flirt back if not back off just because ur in college doesn't mean he knows how to deal with women. not all guys are as smooth as you think they should be


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  • The eye contact is a sure sign he is hot for you but unlike his contemporaries he has chosed not to chase in the usual way. He sounds socially awkward, but not necessarily a bad guy. So the ball is in your court, if ya don't like him just avoid his stares ...

    • Hmm. thanks :) He actually seems like a pretty sociable guy and my friend has said he's not at all the quiet type so I'm not too sure. I'm quite unsure how to make any moves also since being in college, you don't see people really often.. hmm

  • Maybe he has not been out with many girls so he does not know how to act when you are face to face. Just try get him more comfortable around you.


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