Do any girls know of a good bra to make your boobs look bigger?

Kind of embarrassing since I'm 19, but my Halloween costume is supposed to sort of accentuate my boobs... except I'm a B-cup and they look small to me lol. I only really wear the Victoria's Secrets Pink "everyday bra", but for Halloween I want one that will make them look bigger than that lol.

So, do any girls know of a good push-up bra that's hopefully not too expensive (because I don't know when else I'll be wearing this bra)? Thank you!


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  • I have a good push up bra from victorias secret, but I don't remember what it's called. You could always double up and wear two bras. Also, if you twist the little part between the cups a couple times, it will make the cups closer together, creating more cleavage

    • woah I never thought of twisting the thing between them haha I'll try it! I feel like it'd be really noticeable if I tried to wear two because my costume is slightly off the shoulders. Thank you!

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  • Let them be real, why you want to show them bigger


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  • This will cost a hell of a lot less than a new bra. Thank you Jenna Marbles.

    • hahah I love her. Thank you!

    • Just trying to help a girl out. I have DDs and even use some of these tips, all women should know them.

  • I'm a B cup also.
    I have 2 water bras from Fredericks.
    I got them on sale for 13.60 and I was able to get one for my friend for $20, but the regular price is about $40
    And I think their on sale now for about $28.
    They're really good, but I doubt you'd want to spend that much especially since you could probably get them cheaper if you wait for the right sale

  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with a b-cup, I'm one too and it's actually the average cup size. However I totally understand! I don't know of any big brand names necessarily, but I know you can find good affordable ones at jc penny for sure! Also other places like kohls, target, etc. If you wanted something super cheap for just that outfit, you could probably even find something at walmart! good luck! :)


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