What are your favorite hair products to use on long, thick, wavy, frizz prone, Caucasian hair, to enhance the curls?

My hair is long & basically in between being curly & straight. If I let it dry naturally it will be wavy (which I like), but I still have to put curl enhancing mousse or curl enhancing gel on it due to the frizz. What have you found works best to enhance & hold the waves/curls? Thanks

Feel free to mention products for when I straight iron my hair. I don't do it often cause I have so much hair, & I know it's bad for my hair... but what's your favorite products to deal with thick frizzy hair when you do straight iron it? Thanks!


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  • Wavy hair is the best hair to work with. Also many women don't know hot to properly dry their hair with a blow drier. I'll post a video. When you bleary the right way, you don't even need an straightener...

    I'm a hairstylist and this is a great tutorial you can follow :)


    • Wow my Grammer is so bad... *how to* and instead of bleary, *blowdry* zzzz :S

    • Thanks. That's something I will try. I never take that much time, sectioning it the way she does, so I'm curious to see how much it will help. I may need to try some different brushes, too. Thanks again. Smiles

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  • My hair is the same; down to my butt, semi-thick, and really wavy.
    If I go to bed with it wet, it's curly in the morning, but sometimes it turns out badly.
    Most of the time I just use a detangler (can't remember which brand) and then put some FX Silk Drops in it (only a little) and it works like a miracle on frizz, I swear. But you can only use a tiiiiiiiiiiiny bit, otherwise your hair looks greasy.
    If I want it to look curlier I either sleep with it wet and don't brush it the next day (but again sometimes it turns out bad, it's a game of chance) or lightly braid the sections and go to bed with it like that, and in the morning it's loose-ish curls and looks pretty good.

    Meh, I'm not much of a hair styler so that's all I got. It looks the same almost everyday of my life.

    • :) I know what you mean, 'cause sometimes it will curl so well, & others it barely does & just looks like a stringy frizzy mess. Thanks for answering.

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