Does my new running gear look cool?

See pic in profile. Actually it's our hs uniform combined with compression shorts underneath the track shorts. I'm also thinking about wearing knee high socks when it's colder (some teams in our hs wear red ones with the school logo).


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  • Awwww that's cute. =)
    It reminds me of the 70's because of those really short shorts, but I like the 70's.
    it looks sports-casual.


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  • Looks good :)

    Not really a fan of those knee-high socks though. I think a long equivalent of your compression shorts would be better, in black perhaps :)

    • For a man? don't know if that'll look sorta girlish. I think knee-high socks would do better. Like soccer players.

    • @panpan joggers wear it all the time. If you have loose shorts over it it's not girly at all in my opinion :)

  • Yeah, looks cool *thumbs up*

    • I prefer knee high socks too. Do you think white or red ones would look better with the gear?

    • No idea. Maybe red? You should try both or something. Does it matter what colour they are? xD

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