Girls, help needed! How can a guy dress sexy for a date?

i collected a few things.
2. they like fit clothes.
3. they like to chek out our butt? LOL


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  • Depends on what you're planning to do. The forearm thing is true :D I'm not a butt person, but I know many girls that are. Don't wear jeans that are toot tight.
    If you'Re going somewhere nice, suit up. If it's somewhere inbetween formal and casual, i'd go with jeans or chinos, a shirt and a blazer. If you're more of a chilled person and don't like to dress fancy, just go with jeans and t-shirt, a hoddie if it's cold. It can look quite hot on some guys :)


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  • Jeans (not baggies), and a buttoned up shirt sleeves rolled up. Slim fit shirts are awesome and not so long, so she's got a chance to do Nr. 3).

    Showing forearms and stuff while lookin' classy. (I wouldn't wear a tshirt underneath).

    • A better fitting shirt than that guy, pls. Hard to find the right picture >.>. To many hipster shirts and blazers and ties..

    • thanks man...

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  • Personally, I LOVE a man in a suite. It's the most hot piece of cloth a man can wear. If it's not formal, then let your jacket home, but if you get a nice black shirt and some fine trousers, man, you'll make her go crazy.

  • Nothing is sexier than a guy who is confident in what he is wearing. So with that just dress how you normally dress.

    • with dark jeans and shirt with sleeves rolled up...

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    • black shirt with dark blue jeans... all fit

    • Alright then your good, she will probably be expecting to see you in something you normally wear and if she thought it was good enough then, she will think the same. Have fun!

  • Depends on the date. Is it formal? Semi-formal? Casual?

    • casual... day time...

    • If it's casual and you want to show off your arms, wear a henley's shirt with some jeans. Maybe black jeans if you want to make it look not-so-casual-but-still-casual. :p

  • Just take time to do your hair. Wear a black sleek suit with fitted pants. This is if you're taking her to fancy place obv.

    • sleek suit... like sport blazer... or a real suit?

    • any. If you're going for more casual then wear a sport blazer.

  • Wear a suite mate women go nuts for a man in a nice fitting suit


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