Any good fashion ideas for a clueless tomboy?

Im incredibly bad and clieless when it comes to fashion and always have been. Im in sixth form so we can wear whatever we want but I wear the same combos every day its boring! My wardrobe is bare mainly of baseball t's and hoodies, I want to dress a bit more not girly exactly but trendier without loosing my whole tomboy look cause thats what I am. Please help!!


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  • There are these button up shirts they make for girls. They're a bit tighter than guys', but still give off the tomboy vibe.

    Just an idea. Hope it helps.


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  • Just wear things you like.

  • Things you like is definitely a correct, but a quick recommendation of what I personally like, as a preferer of tomboy-ish girls.

    Shorts, but not short shorts; jean shorts :) (if comfortable with them)
    A tshirt or tank top for hot days. (whatever you are comfortable with)

    Why do you want to look more like a girlygirl? Just be yourself to the core, not a mix of yourself and someone else.


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