Guys, does how a girl dresses make a fuck?

Ok lets say u see a cute girl one day (college for example) she's dressed up in girly clothes. She has a cute face and body.
Then the next day she's dressed in a large tshirt and jeans.
Thats what she wears most days is mens tshirts.
Would that be a turn off?

The girl is broke as hell only has 2 pairs of jeans and maybe 2 girly shirts. she's usually stuck wearing her exs, and dads tshirts lol ghetto n embarrassing!! Im having a hard time getting a job cuz I've been through some stuff and can't pass a background check (conditional disscharge ill get past it) but yes. Guys would a girl wearing guy tshirts 24/7 be a turn off


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  • Doesn't matter that much is she has something going on with the rest of her. When you get a few bucks go to t e thrift store and buy an outfit or two. Some of them will sell you bags of clothes for a few bucks. Or go see the mission and ask if they give out clothes or vouchers for thrift stores or wal/kmart. Good luck!

    • Right thats a good idea thank u

  • lmao man a CUTE GIRL is a cute girl we can give a damn what she has on to a certain extent tho of-course

    aslong as she doesn't look homeless who cares

    it woldnt be a turn off or on for me aslong as she has good hygiene i guess

    • Lol thank u n thats true. My ex never complained and thats how I dressed when we met. I guess I just feel ghetto

    • you can look how ever you want but in the end if your cute thats all that matters, couple that with be a pretty laid back person for example and im sure no man would mind your company. hell he might go around bragging about how cute is girl is

  • Yes, if the clothing isn't at least hugging your skin and revealing your curves than its not doing much.

    • See thats kindaa what I figured. Thank u very much for being straight up I appriciate it very much

  • How a girl dresses doesn't really make a difference to me.

    • So lets say her tshirt swallows her, im 4'11" and 108lbs wearing mens large and extra large lol that dont bug?

    • Not really, I don't want to extend this to a challenge to see how bad a girl can dress before I notice, but I'd probably be fine with that.

    • Ok well thats good to know thank u

  • Meh. Don't care.


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  • I'm not a guy, but...

    Anyway, there's ways you can pull off wearing guy T-shirts. Always knot them as they're often much too big. Knotting them helps conform it to your body instead of just hanging around it, which will make them look 5,000 times better.

    Pairing them with the right jeans/shorts and shoes is important, too.

    • Right thank u :) that does look cute. I know they have ways u can turn a guys tshit into like a cute girly dress shirt by putting ur arms up through the neck hole then tucking the sleeves. I tried it and it didn't look so good lol

    • Haha yeah I saw that online once, it only worked out for a few of the people who tried it.

  • Walking around campus, maybe 90% of the girls at my college wear men's t-shirts and track shorts paired with chacos/flip flops/tennis shoes. Many of them have boyfriends, so it really doesn't matter. I've seen so many guys dressed up in nice clothes walking with their girlfriends in big t-shirts and track shorts at my school.

    • Sweet that makes me feel so much better :). Im not really sure what to expect going into college honestly.

    • In college ( mine in particular) , most people dress for comfort so, it's not a big deal.

  • The prettiest girls are beautiful fresh out of bed. Im my opinion, if you need a ton of makeup and cute clothes to look pretty, you aren't pretty, and no flowered blouse or dress can change that