How do I get my man to cut his hair?

Don't get me wrong, HE is the one who wants to cut his hair because he says its too long and shaggy, but he has been saying it for weeks, but when I suggest that he should cut it he turns it around and says that I hate his hair, when even he agrees that he is procrastinating and being lazy when it actually comes to go out and getting it cut, I know its a random odd question. but I don't know what to do! and he doesn't know what style to get...


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  • It's his hair; he'll cut it when he damn well pleases. I've been in his position only it was my sister nagging me. To no avail. For many, many months. He'll come around. If it's so repulsive then maybe you should be repulsed. Nagging is weak sauce -- just don't do it. You're not weak sauce are you? :)

    • Heck no I'm not weak sauce, its just that he always complains about it, but oh well, he will do it when he does I guess.

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    • Oh I see. Sorry.

    • Its fine

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  • oh . lol. I would like show him a few pics of hair styles iliked and be like yeah I think this one is hot and this one.. and this one lol. I like my guy to have short hair too. I'm lucky the one I love has short hair :-)

    • Good idea, I shall so that! your lucky! lol. I love his hair, but its gettin a bit too shaggy for me and him.