Advice on a new hair style?

im 29 years old and my wife is 25.
she's been bugging me to try and new hair style but not sure what i should do.
i have blonde hair, blue eyes, and usually have some facial hair.
she wants me to do the style where guys slick their hair back and shave the sides (not sure what its called but not sure if thats me).
in the past I've usally had my hair short and just the messy look or in a faux-hawk.
how i have it right now is I've been growing it out... so its pretty long right now. almost in my eyes (like owen wilson). was thinking about growing it out longer but not sure... she hates it and i look sloppy sometimes. was kind of considering getting the bradley cooper style.
but she likes it neater.

kind of at a cross roads and wondering if anyone can provide me with some advice as to what would look good thx!!


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  • Any of these looks would allow you to have a neat hairstyle without going too short.

  • Get a quiff if you have enough hair that is.


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