Getting judged for this 'gay' attire?

Okay so I went out to go for some mini-golf or putt putt with a bunch of my friends. I invited this one dude and when I met up with him and my other friends they all laughed at my attire. Hipster, Indie, but at one point the guy I invited say,
"TBH, you look gay." Everyone was wearing pretty normal clothes for a teenager these days though, your typical khaki chinos, sneakers, etc. I decided to express and stand out a bit. Prior to when I went out I asked my sister if my outfit was alright - she said to wear the sperry shoes since my top half the body was boring (my sister has good fashion sense, that of a celebrity imo) and since even I thought it was kind of weird.

I was wearing a plain cyan button up with a dark navy blue cardigan, dark navy blue print shorts (yellowish diamonds scattered around) and the main reason why I got called gay, an outrageous sperry shoe (white, blue, orange - yeah even I thought the colours were off).

I got bullied all day for it and it shut my self-esteem extremely low; I tried to accept the joke and joke along with them but inside I was really hurt.

Can someone please give an opinion if this outfit was actually alright and my friends were wrong in judgement or was it actually bad?

If so, please make recommendations for summer/beach attire.


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  • You know what? I've seen guys wear things like that all the time, and never had I automatically though, " That guy is definitely gay.", and it also sounds like they were wearing about the same thing... it was completely uncalled for for them to do that the entire day. If they do it again, you should tell them how you really feel. If your "friends" continue, maybe they're not true friends. Only true friends accept you no matter what. Whether that's how you dress, or your sexuality, or anything else...


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  • Just bash the guy back, who cares what he thinks of you. What is he? Fashion police? Almost every guy on earth calls Justin Bieber gay, and even though I HATE his music I know they call him gay because he can get a lot of girls (and maybe because he is a little bit of a douchebag too). But sometimes guys can be just like girls, expressing their jealousy by saying bad things about someone else.

    • Nah, he's pretty popular. Thanks for the comfort though.

    • So? Populair guys can't be jealous? I'm also populair but I get jealous sometimes to, only difference is I'm not an asshole so I don't talk shit about other people.

  • Better advice, next time something like that happens say, "weeell, it's not like I'm gonna go home and change. So deal with it" and just own it. Won't be a big deal if you don't make it a big deal. If you feel embarrassed about how you look, other people feel that.

    • I was pretty confident about what I was wearing but anyways thanks for the advice.

  • go grab a t-shirt, some jeans/shorts, and just, sneakers. No need to stand out imo. It's what I do anyway.

    • Thanks for the advice but I prefer not to look too normal, I like showing off haha.

  • No shirt or a polo or a plain t, shorts, and some flip flops or vanz. Yolo.

    • Also, you'd best leave a picture so people have a better idea of how you look in your attire.

    • Haha If I was at the coast or lived near the beach I could pull that off. I prefer not to post the photo due to privacy concerns. Thanks for the opinion though.

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