What type of razor should I use?

I want to have a close shave everyday also have a sensitive skin and thick facial hair.
  • Straight razor
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  • Safety razor
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  • Cartridge razor
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  • Electric razor
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I will say either a straight razor or a safety razor (where it opens up and you put the single razor blade inside). I use a safety razor for myself (legs, etc) and it's great. My fiance always shaves his face with a straight razor and good quality shaving soap, and he gets a really close shave. He has pretty thick and dark facial hair so he wasn't happy with the regular disposable 5 blade things.

    A straight razor or a safety razor will also save you money in the long run, especially the straight razor. And they're less irritating on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. The 4 or 5 blade disposables are shitty and they're a complete waste of money.


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  • Straight razor or single blade razors are less irritating on the skin & give a much closer cut

    • Oh & I know this from years of shaving my brother & getting paid to do it for others

  • Gillette is where it's at! Doesn't matter if it's a cartridge or not

    Oh and I've never tried it, but dollar shave club looks good


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