Formal dress and Jordan's?

Okay so all my past formals I've went to in a really dressy dress and converse. I got my jordan (retro 3) this past weekend and my idea is to wear them to this formal coming up. I wanna wear a tight black dress with long sleeves and my red, white, and black Jordan's. All the people I've mentioned this to say it's gonna look "slutty" and horrible. I plan on wearing red accessories with the black dress and curling my hair with my makeup fancy. It's a semi formal not a full ball gown type thing. Do you guys think it's too under dressed for a semi formal? What could I change if so?


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  • Honestly, I am not really a fan of formal dress with sneakers. I do not like how it looks, but if you like it then wear it. How would that look "slutty" by some people's logic? That makes no sense to me.


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  • I don't think it's slutty, but Jordans don't go well with semi formal dresses. I think those shoes would do for informal occasions and with shorts.

  • yes wear it i can already tell you black.


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