What is attractive to men?

I'm just curious to know what guys find attractive in women. Most things are obvious, but I would just like to know in case there is something we are missing. It could be with anything like personality, looks, smart, how she walks or presents herself, anything.


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  • Okay you asked for it.

    Traits I personally find attractive about a woman:


    sweet/friendly personality

    Shy/quiet personality (but still capable of speaking up if prodded)

    Humble but not a pushover

    Fun/playful/mischievious personality (can take a joke and give one back)

    slight awkwardness


    just slightly sarcastic

    long black hair

    Short hair as long as it's cut in a cool style


    Round faces (not chubby/fat, there IS a difference)

    Average body (doesnt have to be perfect as long as she's not flabby)

    Small to moderate bust line

    Slender legs

    Smooth skin/hands

    Cute/feminine dress sense but...

    still mixes some modern fashion occasional

    wears boots (just something about 'em, I dunno)

    not afraid to wear pink (in moderation of course)

    Not afraid to wear glasses if she needs them

    open minded

    low maintainance (does need to use 3 tons of makeup or spend 6 hours doing her hair)



    Happy to just relax at home together

    at least little geeky/into silly "guy" stuff


    I'm sure there's like 2 dozen other possible things I could add here but you get the idea.

    • You said humble twice lol ... Thanks! All of that is good to know. Now I can go to sleep at night lol jk.

    • Ah! yeah sorry about that I was copy/pasting to avoide being redundant and ended up being redundant anyway!

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  • The answer is "all of the above."

    Mostly because the question is too general, Like say if youwanted to know if a specific thing were a turn on it's be easier to answer but this way it's simply going to become a laundry list of every favorable trait that has ever existed.

    • Well that's what I want. I don't want just one specific answer or a yes or no. I want to know what guys find attractive. Like I said it could be anything. What ever pops into their head first. I want the laundry list.

  • its attractive when a girl isn't pretentious.. I met a girl a while ago.. looked like a model. we reallly hit it off.. we even went to class drunk ahhah that's how much fun we had... but every time she opened her mouth.. it was just one pretentious thing after another.. could not stand it after about 3 months.. I was just like f*** it.. I don't talk to her anymore hahah not big loss for me though.

    • I think that would annoy both male and females. Anyone can NOT be pretentious. I was leaning more towards what men find attractive in women. Not what they don't find attractive. I appreciate your answer though.

  • The first carrot I will usually snap at is how she looks...

    There are other times (less often) when I have been talking or listening in and heard her say something profould, enlightening or otherwise inspiring... and said to myself yes.


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