Should I try to look more mature?

There is this guy who is about 8 years older than me, and I really love talking to him, and he seems to love talking to me a lot, too. We both get along very well with each other. I've been told many times before that I act very mature and that I'm quite levelheaded and even tempered. It's exceedingly rare for me to become angered, and I'm a pretty understanding person. The thing is, I wonder if my everyday casual style looks too childish. I usually wear sundresses with cute floral patterns on them or shirts with ribbons and lace or baby doll tops paired with jeans and ballet flats. Sometimes, I'll even wear one of my brother's shirts with some jeans, too. I have a lot of pencil skirts and blouses that go off the shoulder and are a bit form fitting, and I also have a lot of high heels, too. Should I wear those more often, or would that be overdoing it? I kind of want to impress him... I know it seems a bit silly, but I really am worried on how he perceives me and my current style.

Thank you so much again, everyone! :) All of you gave such great answers and were so helpful. All of you are amazing! I cannot express my gratitude with words alone. I don't know if I could choose a best answer, as everyone's answers were all wonderful!


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  • I mean this in the most flattering way, but, when I've read your posts in the past, I could never equate what I read as coming from an 18-year-old. A young body perhaps, yet an old soul to be sure. It comes as no surprise to me, that you're attracted to an older man, and vice versa. Anyway, I wouldn't be too concerned with your manner of dress, if I were you, as you seem to exhibit good taste, and you are obviously thoughtful regarding your attire. Don't look at your youth as a liability, by any means. Be who you are, and over time, you'll grow together as a couple, and this will include all aspects of your lives,

    • Thank you so much. :)That really makes me so happy to know, and your words have given me more confidence. I truly love reading your answers, and I am so glad that you were able to help me out once again. I will most definitely keep your advice in mind. Thank you, again!

    • You seem to prove that youth isn't always wasted on the young. lol. Hope it all goes well for ya.

    • Lols! Thank you. :) Take care!

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  • What ever you do, be yourself! You want him to like you for you. Do not try to change things for someone else. Also, when you get older (which you are clearly not), you might feel more awkward wearing those outfits. Where them while you can. Have fun!

    • Thank you very much. :) You are right, I should just be myself. It's funny, I have told so many people to just be themselves, and I had just completely forgotten and disregarded my own advice. Thank you for reminding me. I needed that.

  • there is a golden rule, why fix what isn't broken. No matter how your mind works and how your soul flows, you need to dress how you feel. If you feel confident in old jeans and a tshirt, why would you put on a suit that makes you uncomfterble? you should allow your style to reflect who you are. if a pencil skirt and blouse is how you see your self then put it on, but if jeans and shirts are what you are then let it flow. the mind and words are what draw you two together, not the clothing you wear.

    • That is very true, and you are absolutely right. It is our personalities that we really like about one another. Thank you so much for helping me realize this. :)

    • No problem, you have to remeber that as styles change, our minds should still reflect the person we are. good luck with the fella

  • You need to look and dress just the way you feel, for yourself, that will give you

    confidence. Being something you're not or trying too hard won't bring you

    long time happiness. And if the guy likes you than he will like you for who you are and not

    for mature-wannabe.

    • Yes, you are right. Thank you so much for the advice. :) It really helped a lot.

  • If he likes you the way you are now, why change? You shouldn't change to impress him anyway. Wear what you like and what you're comfortable with; it's better to be who you are than the person you think he wants you to be.

    • You are very right. :) Thank you very much for answering and helping me out once again. It was silly of me to even think about changing myself like that. Apparently, I needed to be reminded that it is important to be yourself. I cannot believe I had nearly forgotten about that. Thank you. ^-^

    • It's easy to forget things like that in the moment, especially when you like someone :]

    • Lols! Yes, that is true. It's funny how it works out that way. :)

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