Need hair product help?

I'm a 19 year old guy with super curly hair. I normally keep it trimmed really short to keep it from curling and puffing up, but I don't really like the military-style haircut; I just don't have the build for it. Someone suggested that I use 'product' so I can keep it a bit longer, but not let it turn into a wannabe fro.

The problem is that I have literally no idea what sort of magical 'product' she meant. I don't even have an idea of where to begin to look hahaha.

Anyone have any recommendations or advice?


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  • ooohh i have curly hair too ! :D
    looong curly hair :P lol

    curly hair needs a bit more care before and after showers but otherwise you odnt even have to touch it :)

    1-NO sulfates/silicone in your shampoo /conditioner/products
    2-brush? kill it with fire !! only wide tooth comb
    3-experiment with anti frizz and moisturizing stuff till you find your thing lol
    4-after shower dont dry it with a towel, either use a cotton tshirt or microfiber towel or just let it air dry since its short anyways
    5-after its wet but not dripping anymore, comb/style it and use the product (not too much) then scrunch/squeeze it and let your curls do their thing lol
    6-moisture is KEY !

    also if you can show me a pic or something just to get an idea what kinda hair are we talking about that would be great :P lol


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