Would it be nice/cute to wear this? Opinions please?

I'm planning on wearing a dark blue large flannel shirt tomorrow over a tank top with ripped light blue skinny jeans and grey converse. What do you think of this? I'm trying to test new styles out..


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  • Nice ans cute are not the words that come to mind because that's not something I find all that attractive, BUT if that is something you feel comfortable in then go for it and rock it for confidence. However I think the ripped pants being light blue maybe too much blue, try grey ripped pants and perhaps either blue/white/black shoes that way the colours have a flown from your face down to your shoes, dark (shirt), light (pants), dark (shoes) or the opposite can work as well.

    • I only used nice and cute because I know people would think it's nice and some people think it'll found cute. But you know. To each it's own! Thank you!!

    • @Asker trueand I bid you well in trying new styles, I hope you find one that works well!

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  • I don't know what flannel is, but yeah try it out :) never know until you try.

  • A picture would really help.


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