Please help, I don't have makeup to cover up acne (not allowed). Can I make something as an alternative?

Im super frustrated with this weak acne on my face! They're slight bumps not too many but have left some not awesome scars i need to hide! Im not allowed to wear consealer, foundation, or bb cream or anything else. I'm African American Im about Meagan Good's complexion so Im a choclate color, and my tan is starting to go away so i will start to become a sort of caramel color but not pale. Ik there are home remedies for damn there everything and I've been doing face masks which are clearing up my acne slowly and naturally. IS there different spices or items I can use to make a homemade foundation or something i can do to hide these annoying pimples? Please help i cannot wear makeup and Im grasping for straws here!


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  • Make a paste out of baking soda and water a tad of lemon juice apply to the face and wash off after 3mins, should help clear it up :)

    • I use this all the time except I sleep with it on at night then rinse off in the morning is that better or worse?

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    • omg thank you so much! :D

    • you bet :)

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  • Evaporated milk!
    1. Just wash your face with whatever cleanser is working for you right now with lukewarm water. This will help to open up your pores so that the cleanser you're using gets right in.
    2. Use cold water to wash it off and dry your face. The cold water is to close your pores, which will help avoid dirt from getting in.
    3. Apply the evaporated milk as you would a toner. Leave it on until the milk hardens and your face feels kind of stiff. This will last for about 5-10 mins depending on how much you applied. If you want, you could also heat the milk a little bit so that your skin absorbs it quicker.
    4. After that, wash your face with just cold water and you're done.

    Do this at least once a day. This will instantly make your skin feel softer and smoother. It will also help with your acne and scars! And also ageing, if that is any of your concern. Seeing as you're under 18 though, nvm that. :))

    If you want to focus on your acne scars, then vitamin E is the way to go. You can take vitamin E once a day, or you can directly apply it on your skin by popping the vitamin E capsule with a needle. You can also buy vitamin E oil and just apply that if popping a capsule is too much work. If you're gonna apply it directly though, do it twice a day. Personally, I've only ever used the oil one. It works great and you can really see fast results!

    I really hope you give these a go. I can personally guarantee that they work. Good luck!

    • Okay, here is my question.
      I started using Apple Cider vinegar (a natural remedy i read online) and its actually been working so far! (milk isn't allowed in my house because its fat and my religion says fat is unacceptable) and I've been using the baking soda and lemon juice face mask which has also helped some. i think a vitamin I take has vitamin E in it is this still going to help?

    • Bummer. :/ How much vitamin E does yours contain? You have to take 400 I. U. daily. And how sensitive do you say your skin is?

  • Buy some proactive or some kind of acne wash. Look on YouTube for ingredients to make your own home made wash. But ALWAYS REMEMBER to wash your face at night.

  • I mean wash your face every day, watch what you eat, use some moisturizer with spf in the morning (when our skin dries out our body produces oil to try and moisturize partially causing acne). Try not to touch your face as the bacteria and oils on your hands are not good.

    I am sure if you look online for facial masks that help get rid of acne and scars you can find some. My sister and I made some of our own it had like honey and other stuff. It was gross but kinda fun.

    Are you not allowed to wear foundation due to your age, religion, or allergy? I don't really see what's so bad about cover up... but you I'm sure there is a good reason.

    There are a lot of beauty channels on YouTube I am sure you can find some videos there on homemade makeup!

  • Why can't you wear foundation?

    • My mom just said she doesn't approve of it. everytime i ask why she goes into a whole stupid big story.. so is there an alternative?

    • Are you allowed to buy medication to help with scar tissue? There is this cream that works really well with acne scars. If not, vitamin c lotion is also good for skin. Aloe Vera rub on the skin is also good.

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