How does this sound for a fashion doll line?

These dolls would basically be things like metalheads, goths, and punks. They would wear all kinds of black and wear band shirts and other stuff. It could have its own fan community where people can create their own outfits for the dolls.

In the world the dolls live in, their music taste would include genres like metal, punk, hardcore, industrial, goth, grindcore, etc. You can also dye their hair and give them tattoos. They'd also like to do things like hang out at bars, go to concerts, and meet up with other metalheads, goths, and punks. Their interest range from different movies (like horror and exploitation), TV shows, comics, cartoons, anime, manga, literature, and art.

There could even be a cartoon adaptation for it.


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  • Awesome !!

    • Do you like that kinda stuff?

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    • Yes I always listen to death metal my favourite band is lamb of god !!

    • Well Lamb of God isn't death metal, they're groove metal lol. You should also check out goregrind, if you haven't heard of that genre.

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