What kind of pants to wear?

From trial and error I found out a nice shirt can never go wrong regardless of the theme, but what about pants? I wear jeans and runners the time and feel its time for a change. I want something good but not extremely formal. Im guessing matching shoes are important for a good shirt and good pants.

I used to wear mostly tracksuits as a kid, school uniform and hoodies as a teen and jeans and shirt as an adult.


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  • I personally like khakis- cream khakis with a comfortable pair of brown shoes. They fall somewhere between jeans and dress pants- just avoid pleats.

    • Yeah, brown khakis seem like a nice break from jeans, I think it's probably worth having one or two outfits for formal wear and a few outfits for daily wear. I noticed people seem to talk to me nicer when im dressed nice, but not stunningly. People treat me like scum when I wear a hoody lol

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