Calling all the... well whoever gets this stuff (hair products)?

how do i know if my product is oil based or water based? what to look for?


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  • Ingredients are listed in order of how much is in it.
    Water based products should have water as the first product, or at least in the top three, but usually the first.

    If your first ingredients are good things that are good for the hair, it's a good product. If it starts the ingredients list with a bunch of stuff you can't pronounce, then olive oil or argan oil or whatever midway, or near the end, it's no good.

    • awesome :D

      so i have naturally curly hair and im planing to straighten it like tmrw or something , i almost always use a product after im done straightening but which is better for straightened curly hair, oil or water based stuff? i dont want it to revert back

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    • lol no problem :P

      it won't let me select MH yet :P but THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU !

    • You're welcome 😂

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  • Well if it the product feels greasy then certainly there is some oil you would feel. You can also always check the ingredients label.


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