What should I know about dresses? What is it like to wear one?

I've never worn a dress or a skirt but I am going shopping tomorrow and those are the two items I really want to get. so any advice on what to search for and what to know before wearing one is greatly appreciated. also what is walking in heels like?
I have actually worn a dress before but it was when I was four so I don't remember what it was like


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  • Wearing a dress or a skirt, just make sure you think before you bend to pick things up etc.. but other than that they are really comfortable. As for walking in heels you don't really walk heel-toe as much as you do in flat shoes. I would get a pair of low heels and build my way up to high heels :)


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  • Well, I wish I could be more help. I would say try stuff on first. Make sure it looks nice on you, is not too see through, is the length you want, etc. I would say try to buy a longer skirt/dress (like knee length or longer) since it is your first time wearing one.

  • Why are you trying to switch your personality... be yourself

    Also, it just depends on how you wear them. And where you're going in them. You wouldn't wear a short, clubbing dress, to temple, right?

    • All my life I've been a tomboy but now I've decided I want to be girly and cute:) I'm not changing who I am for any reason other than Its what I want. and I want to look feminine not like a whore so don't worry I'm not going to be wearing club dresses any time soon

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    • Yes I would still want to do it

    • Why?

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  • A dress is a dress it doesn't make you feel any different. I changed up my style when I first went into my first year of high school. I used to hate wearing dresses but that's because I cared to much about what people would think of me if they saw me in a dress. But then I realized who cares what I wear, its my body I'll wear what I want. If you want to wear a skirt wear a skirt, u wanna wear a dress then wear a dress. I like wedge heels there easy to walk in. Some of the fabric of the dress can be see through not always but sometimes. There's all different kinds of dress body con dresses, midi dresses, etc.

    • Yeah I've been a tomboy all my life but now I want to be girly and pretty:) any tips on how to walk in heels?

    • I don't know how to walk in heels honestly all I can walk in is sandals, flats, wedge heels. When I was in middle school I didn't have much of a style until I want to change up my image and wear dresses more etc. Wear what you want too, if you want to, when you want too.

  • I've never used one before.


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