Why do guys just look at you?

If I'm walking down the block or something, why do guys just give me at me for a minute and just keep going? Some guys smile/flirt a little, but most just look at me without an expression. is that a bad thing? is something wrong with my face? lol

oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking it was a negative thing if the guy doesn't try to flirt or something..idk, I get so self-conscious about it! haha


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  • Most likely they look because they like what they see, but it's not like everyone has to say something or give you a creepy look (which is probably how it would feel after a while if they did all smile).

  • Hey, its a a little treat to see a nice looking woman on the stroll. Of course its hard to think of a reason to bump ino her so that never happens... how do you feel when you see a rainbow ?


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