Do guys like girls with curve? Or do they prefer girls with one phisycal assets?

im a gril with hips DDs and booty and a lot guys that i know real don't go for the girl in the size 14-18 range. So do guys prefer girls that r small and skinny or curves to love.
  • girls with booty
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  • girls with boobies
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  • girls with hips and thighs
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  • girls with a little bit of every thing
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My figure is more of an hour glass shape thou but a lot guys that take instert in me just seem to like me for my bod but not for my other aspects.
Will i can understand that part very will than about the balance thing


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  • I'm not voting out here young lady :-) though yes I do have a choice.

    Right from my teens I've always liked curvy girls - they catch my eye instantly. However, I never have nor ever will go for a girl to be as my gf or friend because of her body shape or any specific feature - that I believe to be is another form of if I may put it as 'racism' lol but on a serious note :-)

    Everyone's got a choice and at a younger age these choices are more rigid than when one matures (a lot of them don't ever mature but that's another topic)

    Your update mentions you have an hourglass figure (which is excellent, my compliments) & that guys take interest in you for that (which is normal at that age - raging hormones) but you also say 'not for my other aspects' - you need to explain that :-)

    • My personality and beging smart.

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    • Thank you :-)

    • Thank you young lady for being kind and thoughtful to select my opinion the MH :-) I wholly & truly appreciate your generous & gracious gesture :-)

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  • everything in moderation is key. that said, it can be big in moderation or small in moderation, or right in the middle, that's all that matters really. one physical asset could probably be the best thing for some guy, but most would prefer a balance.

  • depends if you are considered "curvy" or the curvy many woman exchanged with the word "fat".

    yeah I am attracted to girls with bum and tits, those are also the first ones I notice in the club.

  • To me it doesn't matter. Becuase I think that all girls are beautiful.

  • curves are good but not extreme. just normal for me, please :D

  • i like thick girls

  • A little bit of everything. Not just that I want everything, but I do really want a little of each. I prefer girls with smaller figures and assets, maybe cause I don't look or act very mature at all, and I want a girl that is just as I am. She can be a ball of fire personality wise, but physically smaller is nicer for me.


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