Question for fellow thong wearers?

For anyone else that wears thongs, when wearing one, do you ever feel sexy with the strap up between your ass cheeks? I know I do. ;)
  • Hell yes! :)
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  • No way, I don't dig on wedgies.
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  • Lol am i the only girl who Voted for B? Haha i wear them because i can't stand pantylines in my pants its so errr 😝 but i put up with the wedgie, i just have to readjust it ever so often 😳 #antsinpants

    • Maybe lol, I must admit sometimes I too suffer from thong wedgies, sometimes they go up a bit too far, but I fix that pretty easy by a trip to the bathroom, I still love thongs though. :)

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    • Really? I don't have that issue myself, not much material on a g to ride up.

    • Thank you for MH lovely 😊

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What Guys Said 1

  • as a male thong wearer, I don't really feel sexy wearing thongs, I just see them as underwear.


What Girls Said 4

  • I just started wearing them a few months ago. I'm like boyshorts and mostly wore them, my guy likes them on me. When he saw me the first time in a thong he was so attentive and just couldn't keep his hands off my buns. = ) Only once as a joke did he threaten to give me a "thong wedgie", all I had to say was he wouldn't see me wearing one for him again. He got real serious and apologetic, like oh no I was kidding and you know it! I did, but had to yank his chain too!! = ]

    • Good thing he didn't do it, speakin from experience, thong wedgies given by someone else are not fun.

  • Of course! I have a cute purple and pink pair of side-tie thong panties that I'm wearing while out shopping.

  • Yes I do. It makes me feel sexy when I wear thong like that.

  • Of course! I can't imagine life without them.

    • I know that! I've got one on now and I'm feeling super sexy. :)

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