What's the difference between a hair cut and a trim? Argument with my mom?

My mom always cuts my hair and its been quite awhile since she last cut it so we decided today that she would TRIM my hair.

The process is all done and she did way more than a trim in my opinion. Before, my hair was down to my lower back, maybe an inch or two above my waist. now it barely goes past my bra strap in the back. also, she cut my bangs really short. I have side bangs but she made them so short that they could easily be straight across bangs.

Anyway, just like last time and the time before, we are always angry at each other after she does anything with my hair. I said I just wanted a trim. You know snip the ends so its healthier. She took 4 inches off. she even told me it was like 4 inches.

Do you think it was a trim or an actual hair cut?
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For anyone who needs a visual, this is a piece she cut off http://oi58.tinypic.com/wi61yd.jpg


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What Guys Said 3

  • Ha ha ha ha that sounds JUST like my daughter :-D

    For women:
    1. Haircut = change of style which includes shortening the hair
    2. Trim = can vary from half an inch or less to the length you've depicted :-)

    Reason why the 'trim' can be pretty long is just in case there are split ends that long hair often encounter. These split ends at times don't tend to stay at the edge of the hair length but are visible much above too. Since it's too difficult to snip out every hair that has a split end the stylist (in this case your mom) tends to chop off hair till the last viewed split end length. This may well be the case :-) Also in which case the hair growth tends to be healthier later :-)

    If the above holds true then she's done a good job else she's just done what 'she thinks right' for her daughter (like my daughter's mom does lol)

  • I take my daughter to the hair dresser. A trim to me is just cutting the tangled tips, no more than half inch to an inch., anything more than that is a hair cut.

    • Thats what I think too

  • Damn, I'd be mad as well lol


What Girls Said 5

  • A cut is several inches... a whole different look/style. A trim is just a little off the bottom to get rid of the dead ends. Maybe an inch or two.

  • Anything over getting the split /damage taken off or more than 1in is a haircut.

  • A cut is a style and when you lose a significant amount of hair and length is shortened. A trim is just getting rid of dead ends.

    • It is definitely shortened. I put a picture up to show a piece she cut off

  • Haircut. xD...

    • Thats what im saying! She thinks its a trim and now she's mad at me because im upset at how short it is

    • It's okay.. It will grow fast you know.. Don't waste your time over thinking it..

    • I know and I am.. fine.. with it but she's pissed

  • Omg I HATE stylists that don't know the difference between a cut and a trim. I've had this happen to me before

    That's definitely a cut.

    A trim is 2 inches MAX and that's for someone with completely ruined, bleached hair which you can't fix.

    This is why whenever I go get my hair trimmed now I ask them to "dust my ends no more than half an inch" because a lot of them are complete idiots who don't know what "trim" means

    • I know. I mean my mom did just want to get rid of the dead part but i only wanted a trim. i was expecting the length to barely be shorter but now its so different. i just hope it grows out fast

    • Yeah I know. I have a Split Ender it trims your hair for you maybe you should look into getting one. You still have to get your hair trimmed like once a year or so to maintain the shape, but it really cuts down on how often you have to trust someone with your hair.

    • I would but i have so many layers in my hair that (even considering what happened today) my mom is the only person i trust to cut my hair. But i will look into it!

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