Are my feet to big for a pair of Jordan's?

Okay so I've always wanted a pair of Jordan's but I never got a pair ! I always told people I don't like Jordan's but Lowkey I really do ! But my only problem is I think my feet will look to big... I'm 5'9" and in women's I wear a size 9 or some times 9 1/2 depending the shoe and in men I wear a size 8 or 8 1/2 ... Do u think my feet will look too big?
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  • Does it even matter? If you want to wear them, then wear them. I wear a size 10 in shoes and I don't let that stop me from wearing the shoes I want to wear.


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  • No they won't. Jordans typically make your feet look smaller.

  • Tip toe up in my Jordan's


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