What rating is considered "good"?

What do you think is a "good" rating to give someone?

I've posted a picture on here and an app too out of curiousity and I get rated from anywhere 7 and up really. A few people said they thought I was unattractive but that's expected of course.

But the general trend is 7 and upwards for me. I do get called pretty a lot by people in real life so I don't think it's just the internet lol.

I really do think I'm an attractive person but I'm just wondering what a rating of 7 and above means to a guy? Most guys rate me in the 7-8 range.

A guy I would rate 7-8 is pretty attractive and I would be happy to date him if he was a nice guy. Just wondering if guys think the same.


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  • Hmm. I look at it as 1-2 is very unattractive 3-4 is slightly unattractive 5-6 is average or attractive, 7-8 very attractive 9-10 extremely attractive or gorgeous.


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  • 7-8 range is like the range of "That girl's hot" but personally I only go after the 8+ but if you think you're hot chances are you are more of an 8 to most guys so ya 7-8 is usually hot it's just something like they could work out more is holding them back so ya like you said 7-8 is good looking.

  • I go clubbing a lot and this is the mentality of my friends and I in a clubbing situation.

    <7, may talk to just to be friendly.. but won't make a move.
    7, Pretty good, probably talk to her to be friendly, if she's got a great personality, maybe make a move.
    8, Cute, probably talk to her and make a move.
    9, Hot, I'll most likely talk to her with the intention of hitting on her.
    10, She's perfect, I can not leave until I've talked to her.

    I've got high standards, but in reality, a 6 for one person might be a 10 for another. Generally I'd say 7+ is good.

  • Sure, I agree, but looks only go so far. Get a 10 and they are a nasty a-hole and what good does that do?

    • I've been told I have a nice personality so I hope I'm at least decent :)

  • 7 and up is good. 5 and 6 are alright. If you score 4 or less though you may want to do something.

  • 7 onwards.


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