I am having a bet with myself and I am growing a full beard, I know can pull it off but I need pointers and ideas for hygiene, trimming etc?

Ok so I was wondering what can be done to keep a beard nice and neat. Should i just trim it? any other ways? I also have a problem with some in growing hair and itchy beard spots (I take showers everyday and wash my face with warm water and soap before I sleep). It is really annoying and I wonder if its just a matter of time or will it continue to itch at some spots, it is a yucky feeling. Excuse my ignorance but I usually shave my face and wear goatees, trimmed fishermen beards, 5 o clock and clean shaven. This is the first time in my life I am growing it out.


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  • Everything you need is on the internet. I don't have a beard, but I bet you can wash it just like regular hair BUT with a lot more CONDITIONER because beard hair is often much more crass than regular head hair...


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