This one is for all!

Guys what do you look for in a girl?

Girls what do you look for in a guy?

How would you flirt with that person

  • Guys:Big ass and boobs
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  • Guys:Got the full package
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  • Girls: Nice and Smart
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  • Girls:Cute and Funny
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What Guys Said 1

  • I like a girl who is active. Of course, I don't mean Olympic champion, and a little extra is fine, because no one is perfect. As far as personality goes, I look for a girl who's funny and can hold a conversation. Now, when it comes to what she likes to do, she doesn't have to be a full blown tomboy, but I like girls who are outgoing, and adventurous and enjoys the outdoors. Someone, who wouldn't mind getting dirty, or going rock climbing, rafting, or boarding and other stuff like that. Definitely not looking for a girly girl.

    As far as flirting goes, I'd just be myself. A lot of my friends say I'm funny, so that's normally how I flirt, just cracking out jokes, and having a good time.


What Girls Said 1

  • sense of humour is a killer! a guy who can tease me and make fun of himself is great! I don't mean joke after joke but someone who generally likes to smile a lot and is quick to see a joke in things.

    i like loyalty in a guy to his friends, family, me. who isn't afraid of not jumping on the bandwagon and standing up for what he believes.

    confidence. not arrogance but an awareness of his good points and his flaws. he is who he is and doesn't apologise for it, but that's not to say he think he's perfect and doesn't need to grow and who is opne minded in the good points and flaws of others.

    being relaxed and positive. even in a stressful situation, he puts on a front of calm. nothing is impossible and everything will work out for the best.

    i like naughtiness, not creepiness, but a little twinlke in the eye when in public but not a full on show, I don't like man sluts. a guy should have self respect and taste, doesn't want to put his d*ck in everything, has standrads in girls, and also has the ability to be friends with girls. I like guys with female friends as it shows me he can respect a girl without having to see her in a sexual light.

    pride in his family, his work, his girl. I like the kind of guy who doesn't want his girlfriend to wear revealing clothes nad to dance on the podium in the club or get wasted in front of his friends and family. I don't see that as controlling, I see that as having pride in what he loves and wanting to protect it.

    i could go on but I doubt anybody really cares lol I hate dishonesty, fakeness, laziness, complicated guys, self pity, and emotionally unstable guys who still cry over their exes. euch.