Well, I Don't really like doing this but I need either a self esteem boost or I guess to be emotionally crushed?

well... Im not really sure what to do so il just post the links to my face I guess.
(Just add the. com's im not high enough level to post links yet)
They are all of me with different hair styles and color I guess.. I really like to change my look. I'm a heterosexual male I promise... I think.
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  • Average, just keep working on you.

    • So, in what way would I "work" on myself? :p and thanks for replying!

    • Eat well, exercise regularly, use skin care products, master hygiene of all kinds, stand up straight, keep your chin up, look people in the eyes and speak with a loud, clear voice.

      Get the mindset that challenge is a means to self-improvement and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

    • @notcreativethough Thanks for your comment! Sounds good to me! :) i guess its about time to start exercising :p

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