How to apply top eyeliner?

Stupid question but it's really annoying me!

Basically I love the look of eyeliner on the top of your eyes and really want to learn how to do it. I don't know if I can though because I have small eyelids and literally I blink and it's ruined...
Am I just rubbish at applying makeup or is it because I have small eyelids?
Haha, any advice of how to apply it?


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  • Honestly, YouTube is the best way to learn. I could try to explain it but it's much easier to really understand when you can actually see someone demonstrating it. Go to YouTube and type in "how to apply eyeliner to the top lash line." There's tons of good videos on it. That's how I learned and it's much easier than listening to someone merely trying to explain it. Lol

    • Yeah haha. Thanks :)

    • No problem! After viewing some videos and as you begin trying yourself, just remember that it takes some practice to get it just right so don't give up :)

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • Okay, in the first place you need to put on a makeup base: cream, foundation, powder. Your face needs to be soft and dry. Then you start applying from the inside corner to the exterior. Don't push and draw fine lines. You'll get used in time. I remember having a hard time as well when I start using it :)

  • One of my favorite YouTube makeup artists is Toxic Tears. She does elaborate makeup and tells you what products she uses as well. Great instructional videos.

  • Watch YouTube tutorials.

  • With spoon :D


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