Question for those who are shy with new people?

Results come out tomorrow and I have been invited to two parties and I want to go to both but I'm too scared to go cos all I'm thinking is that I'm going to muck up with all these new people and appear quiet and I just want to be able to be myself.

Please help.

How do I open up more and be less worried about going?

im freaking out and thinking of just skipping both altogether


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  • Just relax and be yourself. Dress in something that you feel most comfortable in for the party. Don't think about it in that sense, think of it as you got invited to two parties, that's good. And try talking to some people you know, to get more comfortable about the whole thing, then try talking to other people that's around. Don't over think it and just be yourself don't try acting the way you think you should act, just be you.


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