Okay,I've been to like three different salons and each time they never cut my hair the way I wanted.So now I have decided to cut it myself.God knows it'll be better than the whack job those baboons preformed.Anyway,any tips on DIY hair cutting? Yes,I know it's a giant risk and yes I will have someone to help me.I'm going for a kind-of messy look,y'know?I would really appreciate the help and advice.


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  • girl, layer it from top to bottom.

    i cut my own hair to., (;

    you also need to likee razor cut it.

    usee lots of hairspray! it will be your new bestrfriend. ( don't forget to tease it a lil)

    iff all else fails . take a pic of a style you like off the internet to a salon and tell em to do it like that haha

    they allwyas style it retarted , sp fix it when you get homee aha

    • I know!They're like a bunch of monkeys with scissors!One lady styled my sisters hair like a guy and now old ladies call her 'young man' because she dresses tomboy-ish.

  • qo ahead I do it and well nobodyz told me anythinq about mine su people acutaly like it and you'll b consient that if you mess it up you qot nobody else to blame =)

    but you should qo for it

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