Could you see me as your doctor?

I'm going int my 3rd year of medicine and when I do clinics my patients don't believe that I'm a medical student and I'm going to be treating them! I don't know why this! It's getting to be annoying as I'm so passionate about my work and can't wait till the day I'm qualified but it's already scaring me that patients aren't going to take me seriously never mind my colleagues! I wear pencil skirts, shirts, suit trousers etc at hospitals, tie my hair up, no jewelery. some guys even try to chat me up! some patients even request that I don't treat them. it really does upset me because I'm studying medicine for a reason, I'm capable and believe I've got all the right qualities to be a good doctor one day but people have no faith in me!

  • I wouldn't judge a doctor's abilities based on the exterior
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  • I wouldn't trust a doctor based on something to do with their appearance and I know that I'm doing it
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  • I wouldn't trust a doctor based on something to do with their appearance but I don't know that I'm doing it
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Anything I can do to my appearance to make me look like you could trust me with your life? =)


Most Helpful Guy

  • well you do look intimidating and you said you were a model so when you think of a doctor

    a model figure doesn't exactly fit the right place for a doctor setting

    thats just what I think when people make a stereo type.

    & you look beautiful. no wonder your a model.

    but in my opinion I would be happy if you operated on me =)

    as long as you don't have like tattoos all over you and piercings all over as well

    i wouldn't mind.

    but I don't think you have anything to worry about

    cause my sister is in med school as well and when a person comes up to her

    they sometimes hit on her

    • My modellings part time, I'm short so it's mostly beauty shots, I've never been fazed by I or really had any interest in it. I don't think I look intimidating! I'm only little! no tattoos and piercings. I think most people assume I'm stupid :S that annoys me because there's no way on earth I'd get into med school in london if I was!

    • Well y don't you prove them wrong?

      i know what you mean I totally hate when people think I'm stupid

      i don't really get mad a lot but that just gets me mad

      i never understood why someone would waste even a 15 minutes being at someone or something

      but just prove them wrong with all the vocab words you know.

      dont just say any vocab word cause you'll look even stupider lol

      i do that sometimes cause my sister uses as her hand skeleton (I know lol) so I look smart when I show some1 where their carpal bone is =)

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What Guys Said 4

  • It may be different for me because I work in the medial field around lots of doctors, but it doesn't matter to me one way or the other.

  • If you are seriously concerned about helping with my health needs and problems then you are fully qualified. I have seen so many apathetic and prejudiced doctors, it would be nice to see someone who is actually concerned with having a positive effect ...

  • I do not think the opinions of other are based on your looks and or style. You are very attractive in my opinion and if anything most people would be drawn to you because of that. Do you think that you may not be coming off confident around people?

    • I am quite confident, I would never be put into a position where I wouldn't be capable but maybe I'm coming across differently. thanks for that, it's something to think about.

  • That's odd because scientifically people are posed to presume attractive people are more intelligent than unattractive people.

    • Maybe its different with girls? especially when they're only 20 and 5'4"!

What Girls Said 2

  • That's awful that they are judging you by your appearance like that. I think as long as you are qualified and have the skills, it shouldn't matter. It seems like you are dressing professionally, too, so I don't see what the problem could be. I think the only thing you can do is try to prove yourself and show everyone that you are capable and that you are serious about becoming a doctor, and not just "some pretty girl". Prove them wrong and show them what you're made of, and don't let fear make you back down on your dream of becoming a doctor. From what it sounds like, you seem like you would be an amazing doctor. :) Don't give up, and good luck.

  • you're a really beautiful girl! that's so sad because I am studying to be an anesthesiologist and I get the same all the time! Looks really should NOT matter!

    • Thats so very sweet of you, you should see me first thing in the morning =P I think maybe they assume I must be a bimbo! or I'm going to run out of the room to reapply my makeup!