What do guys think about girly girls who listen to heavy hardcore screamo music?

I admit I'm the biggest metal head in the world and I'm attracted to metal heads with tattoos and piercings etc.

Do guys find it a turn on when girls say they like this kind of music?


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  • It's nice if you have something in common but for me Emo was never sexy in any incarnation of it. Personally I found most the emo girls I encountered to be too f***ed up and entirely a downer so much that I can't even talk to them straight. On top of that most of them were so down on themselves that it wasn't just depressing, it was also, annoying. Self esteem issues that made things a neurotic mess.

    Metal is one thing. Metal can be pretty cool. But emo? No! Scremo included. Just not fun. I known some goth girls that were also complete metal heads that I found surprisingly sunny in personality. Darkly dressed girls in the metal, punk, or goth scene that while occasionally cynical, hilarious and fun, and somewhat cheerful. Those kinds of people I got along with rather well. Besides I always did like the look. Te way people dressed in those various scenes. I thought it was really cool.

    Blah anyway this is me just ranting at you at this point.

    Away I go.

    • Im not emo. I'm happy and jolly, and I look like I walked out of an American Eagle catalog.

    • Hmm I'm not sure if that's better or worse. Just kidding. But hey as long as you're happy...

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  • Definatly! I wear tight pants.. and band tss.. flannels.. lip peirced. I listen to every type of music though, and I dress the typical "emo" I'm definitely not. I just like the style of it I suppose. But on your end of the question I ove it when girls listen to heavy/hardcore/screamo/grindcore stuff. It's always awesome to go to a show with a chick that doesn't fit the scene. :). I also like it when girls just go with me to listen to new music, I don't really like rap and that type of music.. so I'm not to into girls who only listen to that. haha as I wrote this I'm listing to 'all I have' by haste the day.

  • marry me, lol


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  • I know tons of metalhead guys who love it and I love it I'm a big metalhead but I don't dress like it believe it or not I kinda dress like a girly hippie lol and my boyfriend loves it