What are good products for wrinkles?

i have face wrinkles that makes me feel self-conscious. any recommended products?


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  • Moisturize your skin, protect it from the sun. That's the 2 usual causes of wrinkles.
    I read in the comments that you wash your face with soap? Soap isn't really good for the fragile skin we have on the face because it usually dry it out and it can be violent for sensitive skins.
    I'd say you should you use a micellar water to wash your skin. But for the moisturizing, I need to know, what tyoe of skin do you have?


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  • Uh laugh lines or crows feet? Cause mine are horrible when I had a long day and usually when I wash my face in the morning it's all good.

    • nope. kind like a permanent thing. forehead lines

    • How noticeable are they when you relax your face? Also, what do you use to wash your face?

    • regular soap.
      depends sometimes they dont show sometimes they are very clear

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  • Retinol and BHA /AHA will fade your wrinkles , google Paula choice, they explain everything, there you will also find reviews on best products

  • are they deep wrinkles or fine lines?

    • i'd say deep

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    • not -20 yo though
      thanks for the advice

    • Forehead lines are where they start.. did for me when I was 25.. don't worry :) I bet you're cute as pie

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