Are high waist bikinis and one piece swimsuits popular with women?

Because I find them attractive on a appealing lady per se.


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  • not really a bikini i person just bc I'm a real swimmer and it'd probably fall off. but aesthetically i never get into the super low rise stuff. i like the way higher stuff confirms to your figure instead of cutting it off in weird places. idol the low rise stuff reminds me of babies bodies for some reason, dkw.

    • so do you prefer bikini and bra?

    • no i wear speedos. for swimming. i was just saying aesthetically id wear a high rise bikini. not low rise.

    • i find high rise hotter :)

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  • I, personally, can't pull them off and I hate it because I tend to be modest yet only fit in the slutty bikinis. My best girlfriend however, can pull off the high waisted look like nobodies business and look hot while doing it! :) all depends on the girl really.

    • I find high waist bikinis sexier looking

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    • Goes to show doesn't it.

    • Yup :) life's too short to worry about what others can wear and do that you can't, be you, love you, and love life. Everyone else will like you better for it and when you are bein yourself you are most happiest!

  • I love high waisted bikinis they are so cute to me!


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