How would a girl most guys would like look like?

so a friend and i study business and actually i was complaining about an arrogant chick and i think the teacher is into her i and my (male) friend had a look at her pics on Facebook and said something like "she's that typ of girl (concerning looks) the masses usually like"
so that made me really wonder what the masses of guys would like? she does certainly not look like a supermodel, she is not the slimmest and she has a super chubby face and wears sooo much rouge to try to correct that, she has blue eyes and dark blonde/light brown medium long hair
i get the feeling that tumblr ruined me and in my mind the standards of what is good looking are waaay higher than the standards guys actually have
so how would a girl most guys would like look like?


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  • personlly my taste is different than most guys... most guys want the girl to be shorter and smaller than them whilst i want the girl to be taller and bigger thn me LOL

  • Big smile! That's her number one asset. Apart from that just an overall friendly attitude and a fresh look.
    But she does not need to be "a beauty". Attitude is 10 times more important!

  • Haha Hey let me tell you something guys REALLY love girls who are not totally slim we prefer some meat on those bones it is super sexy to us!!

  • She'll look different fpr every guy. Mines is Brunette, grey eyes, nice round butt, cute little boobies, a glow look and a beautiful smile.


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