Which wig looks better on this skin color? I want a lighter color but nothing too contrasting?

This picture is closest to my skin color


If you have any other colors in mind please list
My hair is natural and I have colored my hair before
I do not plan on bleaching it so please do not suggest that


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  • Well if it's virgin hair, you can lift 3 levels of color easily without risk of damage. I find that the dark hair brunette and her skin tone too close and hides her face due to being blended together And she also added some highlights to try and add some level contrast with her skin tone.

    Anyways you said no colouring but I would pick the 3rd photo

    that's my professional opinion since I amin fact a hair stylist by profession

    • Cool but I don't plan on coloring my actual hair
      I use to go to the stylist and get my hair colored a lot and the stylist had to cut most of it off due to damage
      Now that my hair has grown back long I don't want to color it at all
      I'm just thinking of getting sewn in extensions or a wig

    • Ooooh you can add low lights and highlights using weaves :D that would look hot :)

    • Even getting fusions done would look nice. Wigs can get super itchy sometimes :/

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  • The darker one, of course, because there's too much color contrast with the lighter one, as you already mentioned!

  • 5075 looks great. 5072 looks sort of dreadful, but it might look better on a person.

  • First colors I'm thinking about are pink, red, blond or brunette.


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  • The second one. Which were you going for?

    • I just want a lighter color nothing too light nothing too dark
      I have long hair but I bleached it in the past and I had to cut it now my hair is long again so I don't want any more chemicals on my natural hair
      I was hoping to get like a honey blonde color or a red color

    • A red color was what I was thinking of at first lol

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