Is there a way for a girl to become more beautiful without going under surgeries?

I think there is a way for a girl to become more beautiful. I think that she can become more attractive when her soul becomes more attractive, when her soul becomes more beautiful.
And how to make it more beautiful? Here is a hint: "Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul."

If you agree, please tell me why! If you don`t, then give me another view! If there`s no way, please be sincere and tell me your view! I`m not here to judge anyone
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Who are the 2 angels who did agree with me? :D


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  • Sometimes, in romance movies, when the main actor or actress is not very attractive but in the movie he/she experiences true, deep love by the end of the movie they look very handsome/beautiful. it's strange. I don't know about me though haha

    • you have keen eyes! your experience is not strange, you just got what makes people beautiful!

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  • I think it's true. Beauty comes from the inside mostly. Of course a girl has to take care of her exterior but inner beauty persists in time.


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